Henry at the last gif lol

Kyuhyun thighs ( ^ω^)ノ゚

DBSK at Super Junior’s 3rd Anniversary Party (2008.11.08)


listen to the full audio here || partial fancam here

Leeteuk: Asia’s top stars, Dong Bang Shin Ki!!

(ELF: *screams*)

Leeteuk: Everyone, aren’t they cool?! While saying that they had to be here at our fan-meeting no matter what regardless of the busy schedules they had, these guys from Dong Bang Shin Ki.. came here voluntarily. Aren’t they cool~?

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seems like lee yeon hee is a wire :)


seems like lee yeon hee is a wire :)

"Girls, it’s not embarrassing to eat. It’s only embarrassing when you refuse to eat."

- Shim Changmin (TVXQ)

(photo cr: @bubsbubsoohlala)


Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Love: All My Love Is For You - Girls’ Generation
Hate: Hate - Baek Ji Young
Light: Love Light - CNBlue
Dark: N/A
Good: Feels Good - Super Junior
Bad: Bad Boy - Big Bang
Smile: N/A
Cry: Baby, Don’t Cry - EXO K
Girl: Bad Girl - Girls’ Generation
Boy: The Boys - Girls Generation


Kyuhyuk AU - Our Way
How long had our feet been carrying us through the same path without us realizing it? How long were we unaware that we were going the same way?
I was missing you before I even met you. I was in haste to fall for you but didn’t know who you were. Meeting you was my own miracle. I need you. I want you near me, I want all of you and I’m not sorry for it. Loving you is a fever I won’t get rid of.
It took so long for us to fall into step with each other. Now that we’re walking together, promise me it’ll stay that way forever.
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